Air conditioning in times of crisis

Air conditioners, like other inventions of the past decades, both designed to improve the quality of human life, but looking to save money and help them. Probably the most expensive cost that people have to pay, both to distributors, and the environment, is energy cost. Energy costs increasingly more as the years pass, that for several reasons.First, resources are increasingly scarce, and their distribution cost is indeed higher.

Extraction, and distribution of energy is more expensive, so, and this is reflected immediately in the cost of people’s monthly bills. The second reason has to do with something else, namely the environmentally friendly, energy tax increases. States in the western world, but also countries like Romania, which will last to catch the trend, additional charges unhealthy environmental energy. These measures seek to convince the people and especially the economic agents to change energy policy, namely to use fewer resources to fuel conventional energy needs.

Among these methods more “green”, to tell them so, and include use of air conditioners, because they use electricity and many models use less power actually quite like to operate. This is very important, especially when you operate with a very large area, such as a hall or something, will be much cheaper and more balanced in terms of energy to use electricity than gas heating, as Not to mention the lower environmental impact.Therefore, air conditioners can help companies have a low energy consumption, which will see the monthly bill to pay. The same can happen for households, which, however, most of them struggle with incredibly large bills every month.

This is caused largely by the old ones in many neighborhoods, which have high losses, which are nothing more than long enough to load bills. So, if you install an air conditioner, even at home is a good chance to pay less for energy bills, especially in winter. Heat generated by the system can be big enough so you can give temporary warming gas, or whatever, you can eat a lot less heat. On the other hand, summer, thank you can only cool the air conditioner produced without using any fan or something similar. For the benefit of a well-formed, it is recommended to clean it at least 3-4 times a year, preferably as a team of professionals to call for it.

Air filters are the biggest problem of those systems being able to fill very quickly with all kinds of debris that can make the system work more difficult, more difficult. Clean filters can be done without a problem unprofessional, requiring only the movement of plastic parts and wash them. Instructions for use of these machines are quite simple and can be smoothly performed by anyone, in fact.

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Ideas to use your air conditioner reticentii

Reluctance to use an air conditioner in your own home can be the right attitude when certain health conditions reported in persons in contact with cooler air that these systems provide air conditioning in the rooms they are installed. In contrast with this attitude to be respected as such, are situations where some people think that an air conditioner, is downright dangerous, thinking that will cool in summer, which of course is taken inaccount as long as they do not meet even the most simple rules of use.

In fact all those who feel dangerous air conditioner and have acquired this view of the fact that certain conditions were placed in a stationary position to shorter or longer time in overly air-conditioned space, usually a commercial space or a waiting room of an office that provides various services to public, such as a dentist or an office of a notary or lawyer. The commercial spaces often are the ones that threaten the health, because their managers desire to attract more clients, abuse system using air conditioning, temperature down too much.

Once you enter into such a space for people less sensitive, especially the elderly, but as more and young, we get all the power of such a cooling air conditioner, but then after I finished shopping street to get out in hot weather. The thermal shock is affecting our health and hence the reluctance of those who want to install the one in your home air conditioner.

You must understand that the climate system, does not have to make cold in the house.Feeling of discomfort in the home in terms of temperature, beginning at about 22 degrees down and of course when the temperature exceeds 28 degrees. In this margin the air conditioner can be used with caution and for short intervals, without exaggerating the lowering temperature. If for example we have some time in room 28 degrees, and control device temperature to drop to 26 degrees, will be enough to feel a different air easier to breathe in the room.

Nobody can say that the room was 26 degrees is a low temperature. So for those who still avoid this means of bringing the ambient temperature at a proper value without excess and with certainty that will not experience health problems, should know that any air conditioner used with caution and by lowering the temperature gradually with one or two degrees from the initial temperature, will not suffer.

In addition to completely avoid any inconvenience, if the internal positioning units may be made from purely technical considerations in an area where you could go around the room and be regular in bright cold air gave the unit internal, it is possible to position a countertop material in any internal unit that will reflect its cold air toward the ceiling. Of course this will guide slots for routing air turbine to the top.

In this way the air conditioner will throw all the cold air toward the ceiling, which mixing with the warm then will be sent by circulation in the rest room, avoiding any inconvenience related to your health.

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Reconsider your position relative to the hot weather

We are in the middle of a long period of time that the weather seems to no longer stable, and what is bad lies in the fact that extremes have become normality of displaying the weather phenomena. Causes we know, the main culprits are among us, but we can not point the finger each other because otherwise we risk to us all, an entire planet, after 100 years of civilization. Yes, civilization, for it was and still is the price that already in the Arctic temperature begins to become bearable, while thinning ice sheets and fall into the ocean, and temperate areas have come to bear values temperatures we can easily meet in the middle of the African continent, and humidity can be easily compared to the Amazon.

Are trying to sidestep seriousness that can save, or at least as much as possible to stop this phenomenon, but global still is nothing like. Meantime, we who take life in big cities are the most strongly affected by heat wave that left over us since the spring and is still getting worse as we get to summer. Neither our homes does not help us much, many of them are still not a standard thermal protection inadequate, but we have some hope in this regard in the near future.

But until then, we must reconsider its position on the heat of summer and opt for air conditioning solutions, sigurele we can bring some rest especially during the nights of downright tropical. Installing an air conditioner, is now almost everyone, do not say this as it would be an expensive appliance, but if I make a small effort in one year could reach a reasonable amount for purchase such a device.

The problem should already have in mind when you decided to do so, the purchase of an air conditioner, is related to its ability to produce cold air working, especially because there can be used in the production version of hot air minimum temperature conditions anuminte negative-extrioara. But as here talking about alleviate excessive heat our homes, to see what to do in order to choose an air conditioner, effectively conditioned space where we want to ambient air.

First, you have made a simple observation room where the internal drive will be installed.If the camera is positioned in full sun throughout the day and if you have more than one exterior wall, then surely comporesorului power input will be higher. If these issues are added and that the total area exceeds 20 square meters room, certainly an air conditioner with an output of 12,000 btu, will be a correctly sized.

Compared with this example, if we are dealing with a smaller room, located on the north side of the building, which has only a certain extrior wall and its surface does not exceed 12 square meters, when an air conditioning, power mentioned above is already oversized and will be effective in terms of consumption of electricity. A power suitable for the latter example would fit in the value of 9000 BTU.

If you do not have enough information or the dimensions you want to have a perfect capacity of the air conditioner compressor you intend to install it, seek advice from a professional technician of the company from which you order and then require installation of air conditioning system. Any sizing poor, will have direct results in the smooth functioning of your air conditioner and unwanted extra electricity costs.

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