Ideas to use your air conditioner reticentii

Reluctance to use an air conditioner in your own home can be the right attitude when certain health conditions reported in persons in contact with cooler air that these systems provide air conditioning in the rooms they are installed. In contrast with this attitude to be respected as such, are situations where some people think that an air conditioner, is downright dangerous, thinking that will cool in summer, which of course is taken inaccount as long as they do not meet even the most simple rules of use.

In fact all those who feel dangerous air conditioner and have acquired this view of the fact that certain conditions were placed in a stationary position to shorter or longer time in overly air-conditioned space, usually a commercial space or a waiting room of an office that provides various services to public, such as a dentist or an office of a notary or lawyer. The commercial spaces often are the ones that threaten the health, because their managers desire to attract more clients, abuse system using air conditioning, temperature down too much.

Once you enter into such a space for people less sensitive, especially the elderly, but as more and young, we get all the power of such a cooling air conditioner, but then after I finished shopping street to get out in hot weather. The thermal shock is affecting our health and hence the reluctance of those who want to install the one in your home air conditioner.

You must understand that the climate system, does not have to make cold in the house.Feeling of discomfort in the home in terms of temperature, beginning at about 22 degrees down and of course when the temperature exceeds 28 degrees. In this margin the air conditioner can be used with caution and for short intervals, without exaggerating the lowering temperature. If for example we have some time in room 28 degrees, and control device temperature to drop to 26 degrees, will be enough to feel a different air easier to breathe in the room.

Nobody can say that the room was 26 degrees is a low temperature. So for those who still avoid this means of bringing the ambient temperature at a proper value without excess and with certainty that will not experience health problems, should know that any air conditioner used with caution and by lowering the temperature gradually with one or two degrees from the initial temperature, will not suffer.

In addition to completely avoid any inconvenience, if the internal positioning units may be made from purely technical considerations in an area where you could go around the room and be regular in bright cold air gave the unit internal, it is possible to position a countertop material in any internal unit that will reflect its cold air toward the ceiling. Of course this will guide slots for routing air turbine to the top.

In this way the air conditioner will throw all the cold air toward the ceiling, which mixing with the warm then will be sent by circulation in the rest room, avoiding any inconvenience related to your health.

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